Shipping Unit 006

Started learning Substance 3D to boost the texturing on my modeling work. Wow, this program has so much potential! Very excited to continue working with Substance.

Shipping Unit 006 Front
Shipping Unit 006 Side

This work was a great learning experience for me. Very happy with the way it has turned out. This piece is based on the concept work done by Hethe Srodawa with Respawn Entertainment. The Apex Legends banner is taken from Respawn Entertainments online media. Textures from

Hearthstone Tavern

A personal project inspired by the warm atmosphere of Hearthstone! Concept art by Vasili Zorin directly influenced the layout and design of the overall model. Textures are from

Top Down
Side View
Grassy Stone Cottage

A personal challenge to create an interesting landscape in Blender. Textures are from and

Grassy Stone Cottage Front
Grassy Stone Cottage Side
Cartoon Japanese Towers

Tower's based on Valorant's Haven Map. Textures are from

Cartoon Japanese Towers Front View
Cartoon Japanese Towers Side View
Toy Revolver

A toy revolver rendered in Eevee using the Kiry Toon Shader by Ryuma.

Toy Revolver 2

A different camera angle to show off the properties of the shader on metallic objects.


Close up of the sword's handle.


A 3D render of a sword created in Blender that makes use of an edited world environment's HDRI.

Minecraft Falling Towers

This is a 3D render Minecraft environment created from a tutorial on using active rigid bodies in Blender.

In the Peaks of Targon

This work was a visual product of exploring the undeveloped parts of Riot Game's IP League of Legends.

Inspecting the Mortis Stones

Yet another piece exploring League of Legends. Snow and ice are pretty tricky!

Hidden Remains of an Empire

Another part of the League of Legends world, this piece dealt with how to represent a long gone culture.

Approaching Demacia's First Stronghold

More League of Legends! This work was an extension to the lore surrounding Demacia.

Experiment X011
Experiment X011 . . . Process

This work was inspired by Riot Game's Valorant IP. The idea here was to expand upon the already existing in-game player card "Experiment X011".

Discovery . . . Process

This piece was exploring how to demonstrate iteration, and an interesting sense of scale.

The Salt Flat Operation
The Salt Flat Operation . . . Process

With this work, I wanted to further explore how to iterate on an asset, and what shape design iteration could look like.

Discovering the Truth
Discovering the Truth . . . Process

This work, also based on Riot Game's Valorant, was seeking to create worldbuilding with characters that otherwise have very little story behind them.

Break and Entry
Break and Entry . . . Process

This work was an experiment on how I could carry over storybuilding from "Discovering the Truth" into another piece. Here we've snuck into the mountain facility.

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